zznq’s fallensword review

Rating: 0/10

Simple 10+ year old game. Routinely only 200 users online, mostly older men.

Don’t start playing Fallensword. If you fight back against their barbaric oppression they will close your account! They bully, over-moderate, and speak to players very unprofessionally. They have nothing better to do than provoke new players. They hold all the evidence and you can’t access anything once you get banned! I was smart enough to take some screenshots before the mod edited and blocked me out forever.

There’s lots of bad about the game, constructive criticism will get you banned, that’s why I need to warn people here. The game is riddled with problems and inefficiencies. For example, you’ll lose all your auction house items if don’t log in within 24 hours after they end unsold. Better hope the power doesn’t go out! They try forcing you to log in any twisted way they can. Losing all your AH items for not logging in everyday! A desperate scam for you to spend more $. And that’s not even the worst…


(They could be threatened with a ban unless they submit photo ID to the creepy ‘moderator’ )


“serious bias for some players and against others, doing the minimum to keep money flowing, shit developers, players are rude, game admin is a compulsive liar devoid of integrity, Stalinist gulag, sadists, bullies, harassment, flamed and ganged on by old-timers, drive out any new playersabusive players, harass other players with effective immunity, staff does not care, unsympathetic, banned for no apparent reason, rip-off bunch, ignorant, terrible, absolute garbage, wretched support, losing several hundred dollars, asked to send them a copy of our driver license, social security card, terminate your account for some stupid reason and offer no apologies, They have a list of rules but the rules widely vary from person to person, They Will Delete Your Comment Because They Know The Truth, just try to take a position on the in-game FS forums and you’ll be pounded down, new players get hounded quickly, It is run with so much paranoia that it’s like living in the old USSR, rabid and mean-spirited players, established players cheat a lot, using scripts”

…Are all words taken directly from reviews below, and I couldn’t agree more. The moderator is their leader, BigGrim, a Hitler re-incarnate. Him and the rest of the HCS team practice and promote this disgusting behavior. Apparently Nothing has changed since the beginning, and obviously nothing will. You will have a hard time finding a positive review anywhere.

How does this All Happen?

I was shocked how similar the reviews were compared to my recent 2018 experiences. It is my belief that the moderators of Fallen Sword are Neo-Nazi occultist trying to brainwash players into their sadist mindset.

As the reviews point out, there is extreme bias in the game. The hierarchy runs exactly like Nazi Germany. The moderator, BigGrim (notice the sadism of his name), plays the role of Hitler. He has the power to ban anyone at will, without reason. You might not know why you got banned. His army of “old-timer bullies” are like his SS, secret police. They will subtlety provoke or otherwise pick on newcomers until you fight back. The newcomer will give a very justified response to the sadist bully, then the bully will report the newbie to Hitler. Hitler will punish the newbie, usually by a ban. The old-time instigating snitch won’t be punished at all. His or her reward is a feeling of being Hitlers pet. This group of sadist bullies and their leader feel good about their power at the end of each day, having taken a new players money, then banning / being the instigator of a ban. They actually thrive on your suffering – they’re sadists.

Oppression, meet Resistance: My Story

The ‘forum’ section I posted on is titled ‘game content’. This is not a forum. It’s a trap so you get banned and start over and pay them money again. They have no intention of implementing anything a player says. If you try having a friendly conversation/debate about it, if your post gets ANY attention, they will close it. They don’t need any ‘ideas’ snowballing, so they might actually have to do some work. You and your friends are not allowed to converse here. There is no freedom in the Nazi empire. Instead, the entire forum is a facade filled with flaming and subtle insults by the moderator’s pets.

It’s all hard to believe. It took me 10 months to realize reality. Dozens of people warned me; I saw the signs time and time again. You cannot stand up to them or you will get permanently banned.

So yea, I called him a Nazi. Because his actions prove that he IS one. I had 10 months of experience here now, I’ve had other situations in the past too. I tried using the forum to talk to other players about ideas, but my posts get closed every time for no reason other than him announcing “not happening *LOCKED*”!

He can’t even cite a rule infraction for closing all my threads, because there isn’t one. He is just picking on me for being too good and successful in game.

Obviously the forum is only for their own ideas. It is not to be used as a place for discussion between players. This is not a forum. It is a Nazi propaganda gas chamber, where you go to post and get banned. Our opinions, hard work and passion is worthy of a lock, it’s all ‘irrelevant’, but only in the moderators eyes. He said it himself to me, it their forum. It is not a community as they falsely advertise on the top right. Nazis do not understand the meaning of ‘community’, they are possessive, aggressive and want to rule everyone without impunity. Do not fall for the sadists trap!

My posts are NOT irrelevant to me! The paying customer! I want a chance to develop ideas together maybe even compromise. Why do you care what we talk about as long as we’re being good? Oh you don’t like progress. You only like cynicism. Nazi, Nazi, Nazi! Can’t be said enough, textbook.

This is just the start of bullying and picking on new players. Me, I’m quite keen, it escalated fast. Next he says to me, “Please do quit”. He got all the money he would from me, my character was decked out, I had my whole guild, 7 other people fully geared up in epics and pvp gear too. We were crushing all the other guilds 100-0 30 times a week. We pissed people off, people hated us for being good. BigGrim and most everyone was jealous of me. I was a threat to their power structure.

1500 player attacks and 0 misses! Oh yea, UNDEFEATED! So who’s really the newbie then?

My whole guild was full of new players. Of course hardly anyone liked me! We embarrassed them by winning all the time. I must have received a dozen random messages from bitter sadists telling me nasty things over us winning the game! I tried not to respond, because when I did, I was the one that got banned! I was happy playing, unhappy being unfairly silenced. I think he was going to ban me right then and there, if he could, having said what he did. He really wanted me gone right then and there. It was the weekend though.

“Please do quit” was all it took to put me on my sacrificial rampage against the Nazis and anyone in my path that tried defending them. I did not appreciate the disrespect. “Just quit”  is very common theme among the old-players arsenal of things to say, as you will see later.

This is a forum where your discussions are NOT ALLOWED. It is not a forum at all, it is a censored propaganda outlet. You are not allowed to have an opinion, you are not allowed to have fun. You are not allowed to defend yourself against his bully clan. Don’t let them trick you and fool you into getting upset, like they did me. Yes, it is very much their forum, their game. You’re just an irrelevant, expendable pawn until you start saluting the Hitler.

His reason for not liking my idea: “too difficult”. Bullshit! They already have T5 items, it’s happening right now. It’s not too difficult, they are just too lazy. He has the audacity to continually lie to our faces! No respect! No time to discuss with anyone. Forum must be popping for him to close the hottest posts. “*LOCKED*, irrelevant, please quit the game, BANNED” is the order of events you’ll experiences if you protest his oppression. The forum is useless. Calling it a forum is a disgrace. Go there if you want banned. No wonder it’s dead. Every passionate, well-spoken person has been kicked out. You’re left with low-IQ clansmen telling everyone ‘bad idea’ for brownie points. HCS is incompetent and incapable of progress. They wouldn’t know a good idea if it was written on their swastikas.

I was trying to have a civil discussion despite what BigGrim thinks. I am attacked as usual, by a thug. This time, mumble, a player since 2010. One of BigGrims snitches no doubt. You can see I fight back, that never goes over well. Apparently mumble is allowed to tell people to quit, because there was no warning given, even after I brought it to BigGrims attention. That is the bias we speak of. That is what is ruining the game. Mumble said, “If you don’t like the game as it is just leave…” Exactly what BigGrim needs his pets to say! This is a ‘game content’ forum. Here I am coming up with ideas, and I’m being told to quit. “If you don’t like how it is”. How ironic. I am posting because I would like to see some content added! That’s what this forum is suppose to be for, dolt! Mumble is there just to say “don’t like” to every single idea and throw in insults no matter what. Mumble knows that’s what BigGrim will do. Now BigGrim will let mumble get away with more provoking against the next player for their good work. Get a life slugs!

Nazi like moderation, closing down perfectly fine threads. They don’t care about your hard work, passion and dedication. They just want to take your money and for you to shut up. BigGrim edited my thread before closing it, to weaken my argument, and strengthen theirs. It’s true, BigGrim felt it necessary to take the time and edit a few paragraphs worth of texts out of my posts before he closed them. I was TOO convincing. People would have liked my idea and demanded HCS do something. HCS doesn’t want work! They just want to rob your money, call your forum posts irrelevant, tell you to quit then ban you after you lash out at their disrespect! They have literally been nursing a Nazi mentality among all players. Lie, Lie, Lie to everyone’s face.

Here’s page 2. Not a big deal, just a few buddies talking about our ideas then the evil Nazi comes and locks us out because our discussion is “irrelevant”. No wonder no one plays or posts. I’ll find a new place to spend my time and money, where my passion is valued and I’m treated like a human being.

Next he goes to my other 2 posts and locks them too. He wrote “*LOCKED*” inside each. Yes, of course, no unsanctioned discussion on HCS “forums”, of course, Nazis wouldn’t have it any other way. They are completely disrespectful and delusional. If you fight back and tell them the truth they will ban you! Do not play unless you like being shit on.

The community he molded is a mirror image of himself. Many are extremely selfish and thieves too. Half of the people I trusted ended up stealing from me. Many more turned to beggars when I told them I would quit. Suddenly I was no longer their friend and arguments ensued. The game is full of it, thanks to the moderator’s nurturing for over a decade. It is difficult not to fight back. I am a fighter. I have choice words. We all can’t be wrong though. I’m glad to be gone. However, my work is not done. These ungrateful bullies need to be exposed and known by all.

Anyone left supporting Hunted Cows after reading the above should be ashamed.

Hunted Cow needs to be put under investigation by local authorities for bad business practices at the very least. Judging by player reviews, this is an abusive online environment harboring an alarming level of bullying. Bullying often leads to violence and self-harm. Please, if you have a heart, cure the causes because the symptoms mean it’s too late.

Here is their information if you know someone that can do something about it:

Andrew Mulholland

Hunted Cow Studios Ltd

35 South Street

Elgin Moray IV30 1JZ GB


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    • The Gold Chronicle - Reply

      Heh, but I’m a guy. I only hear stories, never happened to me. The toxic environment is encouraged though. The mod demands photos from young girls under the threat of ban. It’s easy to assume he has multiple accounts for other purposes. I wouldn’t be surprised if he creeps on the ones he ‘likes’. Be careful out there, lots of weirdos!

    • The Gold Chronicle - Reply

      Oh? Aren’t you going to recommend me yours? Too bad you’re too big of a wussy to use a real name. You can’t even muster a single worthwhile word against what I said. You try defending HCS with small-minded bully tactics, how ironic! Try posting on-topic next time, your comment shallow and totally irrelevant to the review.

      Everyone else – sorry. I don’t know where the rats are sneaking it at.

  1. grendeldog - Reply

    LOL nice post! Gonna miss you Z, let me know when you get on a proxy and start doing like every other wronged player and become the multi menace.
    Ill touch on some main points but by and large this guy is spot on here,, anybody new or returning should know that its just not a place to waste any time on. Most of us are just trying to get the most out of our characters before its shut off forever.
    As far as Nazis and forum post censorship it totally happens.But at the same time it IS their site and they can choose to censor whatever they like. That said the sycophantic brown nosing going on is a beacon to any experienced gamer that this isnt the place for them and a quick net search shows the real dirt hidden under the hogwash
    If you really want to have fun in forum or anywhere else Ask how they make a “special event quest” that only players who bought a $60 item can win and 10s of other players cant even try and keep up?? And call it “the potion of win button” because Grim hated that I called it that, hates its true and hates that I still think its funny.
    Ask the if mentoring, epic quests, pvpevents, or the 3 part event that we have all waited months since part 1 and every time its brought up they get annoyed (you will find they tend to leave everything half finished and get annoyed if you ask them if they ever will finish)

    Theres also a term that can get you muted, temp ban or in some cases even mentioning this can get you totally banned ATA,, after the app. They have become so lethargic that any idea even a great one will get a reply iike “put on post it note on screen to remind me to look into this after the app is released” Some may think its a joke I believe Grim has a couple screens filled with notes and just keeps replacing the monitors. Either way mentioning the app has taken wayy longer than any other companies transition has and that its not anything but a direct translation of an antique game goes way over heads and is censored to save face. Gods help you if you mention the place is bleeding players at a fatal rate and many upgrades need to be done before the app transition.

    Oh good place to pause and point out,,, they have been working on making an app for this game for OVER 5 YEARS by comparison the Teletubbies also announced plans for an educational app around the same time and they released an app in 2015 with better graphics, smoother gameplay and more character depth than failingsword’s endless ‘test servers” can even scratch the surface of.
    On the subject of the app I am convinced that Hoofmaster is the Scottish version of an Amish and has 0 clue how an app works or even how to run one. The fact they are trying to translate an antique browser based game into an app without updating the very basics of the games frame itself is bad enough. They believe people will join a game thats 10 years old and donate to it when there are level 3500 and up players holding a monopoly over the entire economy. Finally trying to play FS on an app is like driving a cement truck in the Indy 500.

    So if,,,IF you havent heard of them before and after all this are still considering trying it out come see for yourself. If you love the retro feel of 2000 graphics. If you love spending a lot of money just to be able to try and compete with other wallet warriors,,, well there are still way better options but by all means come and see wat everyone is talking about and discover that every bad thing mentioned here is true

    And stop by and see me,,, unless im banned for posting opinions on an outside site they dont control (which would be totally shared here as the ultimate hypocrisy) Im the guy who doesnt donate anything anymore and just grinds along trying to get the full use of this character as i can before the whole thing is written off as a loss.

  2. Gabbo - Reply

    “Donating” like they say is a lie. You will hardly go anywhere without at least $200 in paid upgrades. I wonder how much did you pay them?

  3. Holoblob - Reply

    One toxic and nothing-to-add to the game player less to worry about, it took you too long to quit, you really think that “you were a treat” for other players/big guilds/the HCS because you spent a lot of money in the game and levelup quickly? You was the ONLY player who was childish enough to cry on the FS Box about peoplo who you attacked bountied you, get a life, grow up and play pokemon cards

    • zznq - Reply

      Your comments don’t mean much to me without your real username. Pokemon cards? So you’re going to complain about me spending a little money on FS, then instead suggest I buy pokemon cards, IE: spend money on a game, but not spend money here? Makes A LOT of sense…NOT. You are delusional.

      You say within quotations I thought I was “you were a treat”. Do you have any grasp of language? When did I say anything REMOTELY similar to this? I never have. That’s not my attitude much less something I would ever say. Yet you design it to appear it’s my attitude, as I had said exactly such a thing. NOT REMOTELY HAVE I! You are just making things about me up. Quit being deceptive.

  4. Holoblob - Reply

    One toxic and nothing-to-add to the game player less to worry about, it took you too long to quit, you really think that “you were a treat” for other players/big guilds/the HCS because you spent a lot of money in the game and levelup quickly? You was the ONLY player who was childish enough to cry on the FS Box about peoplo who you attacked bountied you, get a life, grow up and play pokemon cards

  5. Holoblob - Reply

    And tell you what, at least 2 of your bans was from my reports, people like to play the game, not to be roasted by a spoiled baby who has superiority complex because he spent money ON A GAME to become strong

    • zznq - Reply

      Lots of people spend money. Many, and much more than I did. It’s part of the game. See, you are the problem here. Bullying me for taking advantage of functions within the game. You are the true detriment to HCS, people like you are the reason I quit. HCS should be banning the crybaby tattles whom can’t take care of themselves but on the other hand push players away while saying things like you are right now. You and HCS have destroyed it.

      You are the true crybaby tattle-tale that’s complaining. You are the only complainer here. Anyone unbiased reading this could tell you the same. Quit projecting. You are projecting your own deficiencies on me in every argument.

      HUNTED COWS: Here you have it. This is the type of attitudes of people I spent my time standing up against for you. A prime example of a provoking crybaby tattle that gets off on going around and getting people banned, your gestapo SS army of dolts. You choose to side with someone like this every time. You are stuck with a game full of people whom are clearly beta and pathetic. They bully online with small minded remarks to provoke intellectuals then report the retort. Sowed your own seeds.

      Proving my very point of OVER-MODERATION. HCS knows just one bit of the tiffs – the bit the crybaby reports. Doesn’t take the whole story, they don’t even ASK you what the problem is before you get banned because of morons like this. Getting up into everyone’s business. Lots of people need setting straight. This coward liar is one of them.

      It’s as if HCS crucified me. Evil needs standing up against. It takes strong words to change them. People take my strong words as a threat to their kingdom within this world. Yes, I get upset at the deception and disrespect. Jesus himself had flipped the tables of money-changers in the temple. If you decide to come back and reveal yourself, I will turn your tables too.

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