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The Evil Dead
The Evil Dead is still recruitingsmile
ATA=after the app. Its only been 5+ years. By comparison the teletubbies announced they were making an educational app almost the same time FS announced they would make one. Tele's came out in 2015 already has better graphics, smoother gameplay and more character development than FS' test app beta version 4.7.
The Gold Chronicle
App will be a failure. My suggestions were make AH easier, auto relist. Can you imagine listing a ton of auctions from the app? No one will do that. And gvg is very difficult to setup. can you imagine setting up a gvg from the app, searching for everyones targets? NO way anyone is going to do that. They are too stupid to know good suggestions. App is a failure. won't even be lipstick on a pig.
App should require camera access so it can take random pics to make sure no one is being a multi-account.
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