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The Gold Blockchain
It is difficult to entertain the idea of combining gold with blockchain without a thorough understanding of each. Government needs to assume responsibility for protecting and insuring our money considering how critical it is to the health of the country. A gold-backed blockchain system will give great faith in the health and security of our economic engine.

Blockchain is a distributed public ledger containing a transaction history. This ledger is stored on multiple systems across a network in which anyone can participate. In order to participate you need a public address and a private key. A public address is a wallet that anybody can see inside of to verify transactions. The corresponding secret key is needed to control what’s inside. A transaction request is sent by one address to another with a variable amount of ‘something’ attached. When a transaction is made, individual systems, called nodes, race to verify the legitimacy of the transaction by checking and confirming the address balances against the historical ledger. The nodes compete to finish the calculations for a variable reward, or miners fee. Much of the network will also have to confirm the transfer before being permanently recorded on the ledger as a valid transaction. The whole process could be described as a consensus. The unit of exchange can represent anything, ie: bitcoin, equities or gold. The unit transacted can be reduced into many fractions too.

Blockchain is transparent because it’s a public ledger, anyone can view it. Frauds, welchers, and deadbeats will not be able to hide money. Transactions are efficient and cheap. Blockchain is peer-to-peer, so there are no 3rd parties adding fees or causing delay. The only cost is a negligible fee paid to miners for verifying the requests. The miners are extremely competitive and plentiful, anyone can mine, so we never pay much over actual cost. Blockchain is flexible and scaleable too. Almost anything you can imagine might be built in. A common escrow service could be made simple with multi-signature authorization.

Reflect on History and Predict the Future

-Coins were adopted soon after humanity learned how to cast and strike metal.

-Paper money was produced soon after the invention of printing presses.

-We create, store and transact money digitally since the world wide web was established.

Money evolves. Every new advancement had initial problems that were constantly improved upon. Coins became more refined, consistent and detailed. Paper money became more durable and tougher to forge. Our current digital economy has weakness too: it is not universal, non-transparent, hackable, unnecessarily complicated and has relatively long hold times for verification. Blockchain has none of these weaknesses! It is fast, simple, transparent, secure and universal in comparison. It is prudent for banks and exchanges to adopt the blockchain technology, and they already are. Banks are patenting blockchain and mints are setting them up on world exchanges. [put links to catagories “mass adoption of blockchain” articles here]

World Central Bank Gold
Almost every country holds a large portion of gold. Many countries including China, Russia, and India have been buyers of gold for a few years now. Some suspect China isn’t publishing realistic data, and that they have upwards of 10x what is shown here. These countries hold all this gold because gold will be money. There’s a secret war to get as much gold as possible without alerting the public to their plans of re-introducing the gold standard once they have all they can reasonably get.

Gold is the best medium to transact over the blockchain. Gold has been the predominate money throughout all history and across all nations. It has never failed, but abandoned due to greed or impending bankruptcy because of corrupted government over-spending. Gold is finite and furthermore rare, but not too rare. It is divisible, indestructible, inert, recognizable, and without chance of forgery. Nothing else shares these important qualities in which make it a perfect money. Gold is perfect money in which the universe itself created. We need a permanent and honest system. Not something that can be manipulated to suit the needs of the few. Not one where a single entity can profit from the unrestricted printing of paper dollars. Wouldn’t you like to that your money is predictable and tamper-proof? That it cannot be created out of thin air to bail out the very people that abuse us?

The transition is inevitable. Blockchain is too secure and too convenient not to adopt. Logical demand will force it into every possible application. People will become aware and discuss the benefits, eventually using it in some capacity no matter what. To put it bluntly: there is no way to stop it. I believe governments and banks realize it and do not mind, as it can suit their agenda just fine with the right application. Efficiency, and in turn, velocity of money is critical to economic health. First adopters could have a great advantage on skeptics. Government may track every transaction and guarantee they are receiving all tax revenue and fines with a digital gold currency. They can also easily investigate crime, putting an end all fraud and other issues.

It should be no secret that government wants to be in a position of ultimate power. Power is mostly perceived. Power can stem from both respect, or fear. While ‘We The People’ could transact gold digitally, we might not have the opportunity to see a real gold bar. The bulk would be stored in vaults while the blockchain simply represents that gold. The psychological effect of such circumstance could be powerful. Some will long to feel a gold bar while knowing the opportunity is rather impossible. A feeling of not being worthy or responsible enough to own real gold will convey a perception of power for the custodians of the physical gold.

A gold blockchain will help the honest citizen more than anyone. Banks and government are already in control of our currency. We are not giving up any more rights or freedoms if they manage a gold-backed blockchain currency over a private network. Government or banks could act as the exchange by issuing our addresses while protecting and controlling our private keys. We could spend with a debit card having our blockchain addresses attached. The simple digital trail could be followed back and reimbursed in the case of theft, unlike bitcoin. Auxiliary monitoring software could watch for out-of-the ordinary transactions and alert us to possible fraud, even requiring us to confirm large transactions with additional authentication. If all this were implemented in a centralized and streamlined way our economy would be exponentially faster, efficient and safer than it is today.

Our Debt Based Money
USD purchasing power
The purchasing power of a dollar. It may seem we are already poor. Still, we are using dollars to transact. When the world shifts away from the dollars, and into a gold-backed currency, this will finally go to ZERO. The dollars will not buy anything – a new money will takes it’s place. Even a child could tell you, the next thing that happens is this goes to $0.00.

Our fiat money system was designed to fail. The government borrows money from the Federal Reserve with interest attached. As time goes on, the debt compounds and raises exponentially. There comes a a time when that money is impossible to repay unless ever more is created, bringing about hyperinflation. The value of money drops dramatically during hyperinflation due to the massive amount issued by the bank, diluting the existing supply. The only cure is printing more and more, until the value drops to nothing.

USA National Debt
Debt increases exponentially over time. The higher the debt, the larger the interest payments. It leads to run-away inflation. There is no way this money can be repaid without printing the money. In fact, there are ONLY approximately $1.61 trillion in circulation as of January 24, 2018, of which $1.56 trillion was in Federal Reserve notes

The value is only based on faith, faith that the system works, faith that debts can be repaid. It cannot. The debt was $5,749,916,000,000 at the end of January 2009, then $11,825,322,000,000 at the end of January 2014, according to the U.S. Treasury’s Monthly Statement of the Public Debt. Today the debt is well over $21 trillion. As you can see, the debt is increasing exponentially. This 21 trillion can never be repaid without issuing that much money. Doing so would cause hyperinflation! It won’t reverse, contrary, it will grow more. We are running trillion dollar deficits, and making ever larger interest payments. It’s just like a runaway train. There is no fixing it.

The problem is the debt-based money we use. We abandoned sound money entirely in 1971 when Nixon remove the gold redemption from dollars. This was a planned process, and steps were made leading up to this for over 100 years. It was the bankers plan all along, to control our economy, take it away from the government, the people, and issue wealth for themselves at will. The dollar is an instrument of debt. It is not money, it is debt! A dollar BILL, like those you get in the mail. Or a NOTE, like a car note. The Federal Reserve (Not federal, no ‘reserves’), is NOT part of the USA government. The Federal Reserve, whom issues and controls our money is literally a private company with share holders, some of the richest banking families in the whole world, going back 100’s of years. The US Federal Reserve holds over $4.3 trillion USD of assets. That makes this single private bank multiple times more wealthy than any company in the entire world. Doubt you’ll read that on the cover of Forbes anytime soon.

We were sold out and taken by bankers long ago. Most of us today just don’t know better, it’s worked so far, but we are getting poorer and the are getting richer everyday. They buy up real assets as long as their fake money is accepted. Bankers own just about everything today. Almost everyone owes the bank for their car, for their house, their credit cards, everything. The credit issue isn’t getting better – it’s been getting worse! No matter how you want to spin the facts, or assume you can pay it back, the reality is they own it right now. If the credit problem is getting worse, we can safely assume they will continue to own more as time goes on. And yes, they own a lot of gold and silver too. This was their plan after all, to discretely take the gold and silver and hide it while we are distracted by everything else. They spend a lot of their fake money distracting, bashing, lying, and just keeping everyone’s attention off gold. It might sound far-fetched, and too impossible to pull this kind of wool over people eyes, but don’t be fooled. They were, and still are some of the most well organized, connected, and richest people in all of history. The money is our lifeblood, if they can control the money they control all of us. They literally dominate the world, and hold our lives in their hand. They have control over everything, media and politicians too. It was a long, slow, drawn out effort to consolidate money and power within their group of ‘elites’, and it’s been working so far.

JPMorgans Silver Stockpile
The top of the chart shows the price of silver. The bottom (green) is physical silver JPMorgan holds. You can see the clear correlation. As the banks manipulated the price of silver down on the corrupted paper markets, they have been amassing a stockpile of the real thing.

Gold is their Achilles heal. They hate sound, fair money. They love the rigged game where they have unlimited dollars to do with what they please. They spend billions of dollars artificially suppressing the price of gold and silver while they covertly buy up the real thing. The exchanges that determine the price are not even trading real gold. Legally, there is no real gold backing the contracts. Anyone with cash can ‘sell short’ gold on the market, and influence the price. There is an unlimited amount of gold they can sell, because remember, they are not selling real gold, just paper gold! In fact, over 100x more gold is owed to people ‘on paper’ than is actually available [cite]. There in lays the problem. Gold is a finite resource, but our very pricing mechinisem treats it as it were infinate, like a stock share, where they can just create more if they think the price is getting too high. Gold is a unique market, one that when the price increases, people actually buy more! If gold were to keep rising in value, everyone would be buying it – a real problem for the banks. If they want to move the price down they simply sell fake paper gold at market, often billions of dollars in an instant – without offering any real gold for sale!

Rigged Markets: Conspiracy Fact
Silver Flash Crash
Billions of $’s of silver sold in a second in order to suppress the price. Not normal markets. Not rational. Gold trades over $20 TRILLION in volume every year. These are huge sales with no real metals backing them! Pretend paper market, trading silver on paper, not real metal.

Our bullion exchange pricing mechanism will come crashing down when people realize there is no real gold or silver to trade on these platforms. The exchange is just a fantasy, where anyone can pretend to buy and sell using dollars, not metal. It was created by bankers to allow for price suppression without risking any real metal. The bankers print our money and buy many short positions to keep the price where they want: low. Yet, they are buying the real thing off-exchange! Over 100 times more gold and silver is owed to people invested within the exchange on paper than is actually available for delivery. Furthermore, the exchange is extremely complicated, it’s designed confusingly to keep regular investors out. How many people do you know that invest in futures markets compared to stocks? You need lots of money to even have an exchange account. They really want to be the only ones in the game, putting the price where they want without anyone else playing. If people like you and I do accumulate long positions on the Comex amounting to a few billion, bankers simply throw down a few more billion against us, pressuring the price down, and wearing us out. They have a lot more money than us, they have unlimited money…Remember, they have $4.3 trillion in assets. It’s all about who has more money to throw down on the positions they want, moving the price in their desired direction by either going short or long. Literally, everyone in the world could invest in gold on their exchange, but bankers would push the price down still. The only way to stop it is buy real gold. Buy gold until word spreads like wildfire, that there is no gold for sale at the published prices. Only then will people start to question what is going on. Only then will the scam’s thin layers deception be exposed, and reality will set in for everyone, very quickly. “Only then” is approaching rapidly, weather you buy or not.

Higher gold prices spell big trouble for the dollar. Gold directly competes with their dollars. Precious metals gravely threaten the legitimacy Dollar to Gold Relationshipof dollars as it brings into question the value of dollars. At some point the Comex and other exchanges will fail by default, no credibility. Reality will set in when their perverted rules will fail, as does everything corrupt, given enough time. People will demand physical metal, not paper. They won’t even want to invest on exchange, but demand real metal. When gold drys up as people become keen, the price of real physical gold will decouple from their fantasy paper markets. These perceptions will change extremely fast. I imagine a ‘rush on gold’ lasting only a few weeks, before the price is 20+ times higher than prior. It will become clear to everyone, there will be no denying it, the pricing mechanism is a fraud! The emperor has no clothes. People will panic, and question everything. Sadly, the world will be in a brief period of chaos here. They will wonder why exchanges are saying gold is worth $2000/oz, but the local dealers have no gold for sale, or it’s 20 times more expensive than the exchanges list. People will pay exorbitant premiums for physical gold while the exchanges lose all creditably. Ultimately, gold and silver cannot seek fair value until it’s traded on exchanges that limit the amount being sold proportional to the supply of physical medal actually available for sale!

Resistance is Futile
You won’t be buying things with actual coins. You wont be using paper ‘dollars’ representing gold (as in the past). Those things won’t even exist. The future is a digital money. Something incorruptible, verifiable and fast: a distributed blockchain ledger. Yes, it is similar to Queen Elizabeth of England in Gold Vaultcryptocoins today. But not exactly. The difference is that the source code will be managed by your issuing government. Another difference is that it will be backed by gold. The coins can’t be backed by nothing, or governments will just issue unlimited coins like they do dollars today. Or they might just abandon their mismanaged un-backed crypto, and come out with a new one. There would be no base of value for the new unbacked-coin. It would fail anyways, as the rest of the world wouldn’t accept it. Instead, with gold-backed coins, there is a level playing field. Your money cannot be attacked as long as it’s honest and verifiable. It will be based on something with undisputed value that everyone is using – gold. Real gold money, only represented on a distributed ledger, world-wide. Ultimately, the value of their coins would be directly proportional to the amount of gold they have vaulted. The coins could be traded for other gold-backed coins, creating a free market pricing mechanism like the world has never experienced before.

Governments would be a lot more efficient using the gold-backed coins. They could adjust the the coin transaction fees (taxes) as they saw fit. England National Gold VaultThis taxing-on-blockchain is reason enough to adopt. They wouldn’t miss a beat. There would be no escaping taxes, a priority for government. They take control of money away from all the middlemen. They run a hardened monetary system for almost no cost. Miners support their blockchain by mining the coins for the rewards involved in solving the cryptography. The rewards would be just a small fraction of the fee government takes in proportion to actual transaction sizes. It will be a truly free market, where value is stable and fair across all nations. Gold-backed coins could be exchanged for another countries coins easily with online exchanges. No one has one advantage over another. Everything becomes efficient, streamlined, and uniform. As long as the government manages their blockchain fairly, their nation will flourish with such liquidity and faith. Remember, the blockchain is transparent. Everyone can see what exists. Any funny business would exclude said country from world trade instantly. Their whole economy would crash, they would destroy themselves.

On the outside, the new blockchain won’t look much different than what we use today. You can still spend you money on a debit card or credit card in the exact same way. Banks can still hold and insure your savings securely, and distribute it to you in small amounts as you need, for safety and convenience. Blockchain, on the outside looks no different, it is just a means of accounting and transacting. You would spend it on your debit card without even knowing what is going behind the scenes.

Reality check: Take a look at the countries and banks buying gold. It should be a clear sign as to what they are preparing for. There is no other$20 Gold Coin option, gold simply IS money. It has been since recorded history. Sorry to say, we were brainwashed into thinking otherwise. It has too many qualities qualifying it as the best possible money. I would bet anyone, that if they held some actual real gold coins of the past in their hand, that they would understand. If you are doubting now, go to the coin shop and hold one. Such a simple act will change your perception, I am sure. Sadly, 99.999% of people never have. You really need some basis to create an opinion. Having never felt a real gold coin is really pathetic to be honest. Do yourself the favor. Money must be based on something! There is nothing else that comes close to the functionally of gold connected to a blockchain. Anything else will become permanently corrupted, as it is now.

NY FED Gold Vault
NY Federal Reserve Private Gold Vault.

As stated before, gold is the perfect money. It is an element created by the universe and there is a finite supply. It is incorruptible, it will not rust, or tarnish. It simply cannot be destroyed or altered what so ever. It is easy to form and to work with, not to mention beautiful. Everyone really admires gold. We can’t have paper money that is created in unlimited supply as we do today, that is easily corrupted. We need something convenient. That is a digital money. We are always spending our money digitally as it is. Before blockchain, there was no way to transfer information, or money, in a way that was transparent. Banks all have separate methods and programs to move money around, nothing is universal or understandable to the laymen. Money today is created at will, and given to bankers. We are literally being stolen from by using their system. We are literally slaves to the bankers right now. We have no idea what is really happening, or what puppet strings they intended to pull with their banking trickery. Blockchain is actually very simple and open for all to see, there is no predicting “what next”, and that’s the beauty.

Why not Bitcoin or other decentralized cryptos?
Not all blockchains are like bitcoin. There are problems with bitcoin as currency. The greatest strengths are also its weaknesses. It’s totally decentralized and no single entity has any incentive to police it. While the blockchain is safe from hacking, your personal computer might not be. And actually, it isn’t safe from hackers. Supercomputers of the future may be able to take over the network and alter the core code, the rules for bitcoin to function. Those rules are only set by miner consensus of computing power. Also, if anyone ever had access to your private keys they could steal all of your bitcoins! Any mistake on your part, and you could lose everything. Nobody is going to help you in any case because bitcoin is designed to be anonymous – it would be impossible to find a thief. Imagine losing your life savings because of a keylogger or any other type of digital scam. We love insurance; to be protected by a group. There is no way to prove someone even stole your bitcoin. It can not be viably insured. Governments can’t effectively track and tax payments. They won’t allow it to be money. There are better and more secure options than bitcoin already anyways. Bitcoin is just ingrained right now. Blockchain is too overwhelming to most people, so they just focus on bitcoin because it’s the first.

Centralized blockchains are more flexible. A lot can be built on blockchain, just not something like you’ve been taught about Bitcoin. On a centralized blockchain, transactions may be reversed in case of fraud. They are protected from supercomputer hacks, because the network can’t change the code based on consensus. Code is managed by a central authority alone – only the transactions are solved by decentralized ledger.

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