Could Domain Names be the Best way to Profit on Gold

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The value of domain names are unknown to most. A domain name may be best described as digital real-estate, your storefront. People are judging your domain, usually before they even visit your website. A ‘good’ or ‘bad’ domain will usually determine the success of your site. A domain can be generic, or a brand. Generic domains are typically very valuable, often selling for over $1 million each, depending on the niche.

An authoritative domain will lend you the credibility needed for a start-up. Would you buy shoes online from How about Probably not the former. There’s a lot more than meets the eye too. Who’s going to remember next week? What webmaster is going to want to put a back-link of that on their site? Practically no one. Promoting that garbage would likely be more harm than help, while they would be proud to promote is ridiculous! Still, it’s been registered since 2004! In fact, most any domain you could think of has been registered long ago. There are over 133,000,000 .com domains registered. There are over 1000 TLDs consisting of .net, .org and country codes like .ca. In all, there are over 300,000,000 names registered, mostly in hands the hands of keen investors. To put it in perspective: Webster’s includes some 470,000 word entries.

There are lots of online tools for domain metrics. One such tool is Namebio. Namebio is a database of all published domain sales, with price, date and venue. Keep in mind however, most large domain sales are done privately, so that data is never published. Still, take a look at a few of the highest recorded sales:

Domain Price Date 14,000,000 2005-01-01 9,999,950 2008-03-11 9,500,000 2007-06-05 8,888,888 2015-02-04 8,500,000 2010-01-01 8,000,000 2015-06-19 7,500,000 2006-05-23 7,000,000 2004-01-01

But how popular are gold domains? Searching a database of over 285,075,772 domains, a search for ‘gold’ resulted in 512,908 results. It goes without saying, gold is an extremely popular word within domain names. However, gold domains haven’t fetched too high a price, yet. I believe that is about to change very quickly. Good gold related domains will come into extreme high demand assuming gold becomes more popular, or becomes the basis of money again.

If someone wanted to start a gold publication, what are some good names? Think about how many generic names there are. News, Times, Tribune, Chronicle, Informer are all widely known words suggesting a publication. In reality, there aren’t many! I will venture to say that there are under 100 generic type gold publication domains. Without a premium name one needs to spend a bundle to promote their site. premium domains often become multi-billion dollar businesses while competition struggles to advertise. Think,, sold for a few million, and was turned into the biggest hotel-related sites online.

We can register domains based on foresight too. Imagine, if gold did become money again, how big would it be, how would we transact it? What would be some buzzwords? Maybe we’ll all be hearing about a Global Gold Standard. If this phrase went mainstream, and everyone recognized it, and wanted information on the topic, the domain would have great value, being an exact match domain for many popular searches. Potentially very high-value searches. Not all keywords pay the same. It depends on how well the keyword converts into real money via customers, one way or another.

What if gold went digital? Say, gold stored in government vaults, represented on a blockchain to transact efficiently and transparently. Governments could tax transactions in a simple way, taking the tax per transaction directly into their wallet, instantly. There would be miners around the world solving the transactions for a small reward. These miners often pool computing power to increase their odds of solving a block and receiving a share of the reward. In that case, could be a site used to connect these miners and reward individuals within the pool for solving the block.

If gold become money there would be a need for banks to buy domains like Everyone will suddenly want a domain like for business creditably. Domains like these are not impossible to register or buy today. It does take intuition and time, however.

Many of the domains listed above were registered within the last 3 years! More are being registered everyday. Realistically, there are only a few 1000 ‘good generic’ domains related to gold that can exist. In the event that there is a shift in money, and gold takes the role, there will be a rush on domains. Everyone will have questions. In time, it will become the biggest and most profitable niche to write about and offer services for.

There are domains expiring everyday! People don’t renew them for one reason or another. Many people gave up on gold. Many more don’t even see it coming. When they realize what is happening, they’re going to want information. They use the internet for information. They get directed around from one site to another. They will take an extra minute on an authoritative domain. This little gold domain niche is the most undiscovered and undervalued way to invest in a gold-backed money future. Banks, publications and even regular people will need an authoritative domain for credibility, and their piece of the pie. Gold domains that can be bought reasonably today will likely be worth millions when gold becomes money again.

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