Gold Backed Money Based On Blockchain is Coming

Russia Gold Vault

Countries are going to begin using digital gold-blockchain monies. Blockchain is fast, efficient and transparent. Governments can collect taxes directly on-chain with a centralized core, but distributed ledger. You’ll spend money on a debit card like you do now, it will be very similar, you won’t tell the difference in the way it spends.

Russia and China have been buying large amounts of gold and silver recently. Countries such as Germany, Netherlands, Hungry, Turkey and others have recalled all gold stored abroad. Look at bank balance sheets – JPMorgan has over 137 million ounces of silver and is consistently stockpiling more physical metal. Watch what they do – not what they say.

Bankers profit like kings with their system of unlimited printing while we suffer through inflation. Gold-money isn’t particularly good for banks unless they have the lions share from the beginning, as ‘he who has the gold makes the rules’.

Banks are prepared for an inevitable fiat collapse, then a reinstatement of a global gold standard. They have been preparing for over 100 years while brainwashing us that fiat has value. They use any means necessary to discredit or otherwise take our attention away from gold. Banks spend billions on propaganda to smear gold. Almost everything we hear about gold or problems with gold-money are completely false or misleading. Many people think our dollars are actually backed by gold! Fiat being backed by gold couldn’t be farther from the truth. They also like to say that there isn’t enough gold! There is enough gold, it can be divided into tiny amounts, even printed on paper at a molecular level, gold is the most malleable of all metals after all. Also, they tell us gold doesn’t yield anything. Well, money shouldn’t pay yields! It’s not an investment, it’s money. Besides, the yields are just a banker manufactured complexity anyways. If they wanted to pay a yield on lended gold, they could. There are lots of other fallacies, all of which are easily debunked, point is, they lie about gold all the time, and people often accept and even parrot the lies.

Gold is eternal while being impossible to create or destroy. Gold doesn’t tarnish or react with anything – it is totally inert! Money should be stable and eternal! We don’t need to engineer our money, the universe created the perfect money already.

How we transact gold is a matter of convenience only. Transacting our gold digitally doesn’t defeat the purpose of gold. Transacting ownership of gold digitally is no different than transacting dollar bills digitally. If you want to hold your gold, you could go to the bank and get it too.

Wonder why we didn’t transact gold money sooner? Until recently digital transaction methods were vague. Computer transactions were prone to corruption and manipulation. Banks couldn’t print more gold in the event of pillage or blunder. Banks or governments could issue more ‘digital gold’ than they actually had, and no one would be the wiser for some time, because there is no transparency in the old system. Today we have the perfect solution to that problem, and most don’t even see the connection…

The solution is a gold-money transacted on blockchain. The value of each digital ‘coin’ will be proportionate to the provable gold stored in vaults. You could still just hold your own real metal coins yourself. You could store your gold in a vault but retain control of your private keys. Or you might use banks to protect both your gold and private keys – they could offer you insurance in this case.

Anarchy won’t work. Governments need to exist and protect us in some kind of way. Governments can manage, tax, protect, track, even reverse transactions if fraud happens. Blockchain money makes everything streamlined and efficient. It saves us time and money! If a government did take advantage or mismanage their blockchain, everyone would know. Nothing can happen on a distributed ledger without everyone seeing instantly. Never before have we had a system so transparent and universal! There will be no hiding fraud or manipulation. There will be no over-issuing as in the past. This way, no single countries money can be attacked or manipulated, because the value is based on a universal standard, gold. If someone didn’t want to trust the government or bank with their gold, they could keep gold under the mattress! Just take coins to the bank and deposit for digital use as needed.

Fiat is making us miserable and evil. It’s not a fair system, and our whole livelihood is controlled by a few bankers. Our money is tailored to those that control the presses. Wealth barely trickles down. We the people are getting pissed on! We are breaking our backs while they sit and shuffle money around. The top is holding more money than ever. Gold is good. Gold is not debt based, not fantasy, not printed to suit the needs of the few.

Central banks are stockpiling gold and they are not announcing it loudly. The writing is on the wall however, governments are going to back their money by gold soon. Gold has been distributed for thousands of years. It has a stable value. Gold is easily recognized. It will be widely accepted by the general population. People can understand gold, it’s simple and fair.

Bankers have accumulated most all the gold already, per their plans. It is imperative you buy gold today, before it’s too late. There isn’t much gold to go around. Go to your local coin shop and look: that’s it, for your entire community! It could disappear in a day or 2 when there’s a run on gold. Gold will be a lot more valuable once it’s money. Without any gold you will be enslaved, working for gold dust. Get it cheap and easy, while you still can!

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