[Video] Canamex Gold Partners with Harmonychain

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Canamex Gold Corp (CVE:CSQ) signed terms of agreement with Harmonychain, a Norwegian fintech company.

The pair are considering issues around an ICO, one potentially backed by gold / silver using Ethereum technology.

Following taken from CanamexGold.com

Your opportunity to be part of the “Silver Standard” in the new wave of silver-asset-backed security token offerings

The mega trend in crypto is the emergence of tangible asset backed Security Tokens. Tokenization of tangible assets, like Gold and Silver, will eat the world. Blockchain deployed security tokens are the future of digital finance and the future of global capital markets. Much like the GOLDUSA security token which launched earlier this year, the SILVERUSA security token offering (STO), is asset backed by physical silver metal royalty streams. The offer price is around 32% discount to the spot price of silver, but only for a limited time. We invite you to join the next mega trend of the crypto revolution, with the SILVERUSA security token leading the way and setting the standard for asset-backed security tokens.

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