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Resistance is futile sign

Gold-Backed Blockchain

You won’t be buying things with actual coins. You wont be using paper ‘dollars’ representing gold (as in the past). Those things won’t even exist. The future is a digital money. Something incorruptible, verifiable and fast: a distributed blockchain ledger. Yes, it is similar to cryptocoins today. But not exactly. The difference is that the source code will be managed by your issuing government. Another difference is that it will be backed by gold. The coins can’t be backed by nothing, or governments will just issue unlimited coins like they do dollars today. Or they…Read More

World Notes

Fiat Money & Rigged Markets

Our fiat money system was designed to fail. The government borrows money from the Federal Reserve with interest attached. As time goes on, the debt compounds and raises exponentially. There comes a a time when that money is impossible to repay unless ever more is created, bringing about hyperinflation. The value of money drops dramatically during hyperinflation due to the massive amount issued by the bank, diluting the existing supply. The only cure is printing more and more, until the value drops to nothing. The value is only based on faith, faith that the system…Read More

Digital Gold Blockchain

Gold Blockchain Basics

It is difficult to entertain the idea of combining gold with blockchain without a thorough understanding of each. Government needs to assume responsibility for protecting and insuring our money considering how critical it is to the health of the country. A gold-backed blockchain system will give great faith in the health and security of our economic engine. Blockchain is a distributed public ledger containing a transaction history. This ledger is stored on multiple systems across a network in which anyone can participate. In order to participate you need a public address and a private key.…Read More

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