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Top 10 Gold Misconceptions & Propaganda on the Internet

There are many gold misconceptions distributed about. The propaganda is meant to keep us from buying gold. The Federal Reserve is a private institution representing the interests of 12 US banks. The Fed’s foremost agenda is to defend their banking system. Secondarily it represents broad economic interests as mandated by US Congress. Those objectives do not always work in harmony. Gold is the central bankers Achilles heel. Interest in gold means people are losing faith in the fiat. Bankers will print every piece of paper needed to suppress the price of gold, to keep us…Read More

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Global Debt Crisis

The Surge Is GUARANTEED With A Revaluation Of Gold & Silver

By Egon von Greyerz of Gold Switzerland The coming gold and silver surge is guaranteed. It is not a question of IF but only WHEN. Initially, the imminent revaluation of the precious metals will have nothing to do with an investment mania but with the total mismanagement of the world economy. A spectacular rise in the metals is just a reflection of the mess the world is in. But as the paper market fails in gold and silver, there will be panic and manic markets. So has the Silver Rocket just started? Last week I talked about the coming silver…Read More

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