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[Video] Canamex Gold Partners with Harmonychain

Canamex Gold Corp (CVE:CSQ) signed terms of agreement with Harmonychain, a Norwegian fintech company. The pair are considering issues around an ICO, one potentially backed by gold / silver using Ethereum technology. Following taken from Your opportunity to be part of the “Silver Standard” in the new wave of silver-asset-backed security token offerings The mega trend in crypto is the emergence of tangible asset backed Security Tokens. Tokenization of tangible assets, like Gold and Silver, will eat the world. Blockchain deployed security tokens are the future of digital finance and the future of global capital markets. Much…Read More

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Gold Mints & Miners Embracing Blockchain

The gold industry is looking into the possibility of tracking the precious metal using blockchain. The Perth Mint is already working with the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) and two or three other parties to work out which technology is the best and if the gold industry will adopt it. Blockchain is best known as the basis of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. But it has many other potential applications such as securing digital contracts and supply chain data. The technology allows a publicly available, tamper-proof, traceable record of digital transactions that can be automatically logged…Read More

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Canamex and Other Miners Form Ethereum Blockchain Strategic Alliance

Canamex, Arizona, Guyana Goldstrike, Cabral Gold and Altamira Gold will work together on future crypto-token offerings which will help them to fund their various exploration and mining operations. More companies are looking to join the alliance, Canamex said. Canamex Gold Corp (CVE:CSQ) has formed an Ethereum Blockchain Strategic Alliance for gold and silver asset-backed crypto-tokens with four other junior mining companies. The other founding members of the alliance are Guyana Goldstrike Inc (CVE:GYA), Cabral Gold Ltd (CVE:CBR), Arizona Silver Exploration Inc (CVE:AZS) and Altamira Gold Corp (CVE:ALTA). The five companies will work together on future offerings of crypto-tokens…Read More

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