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Russia No Treasuries chart

Russia No Longer Owns Any US Treasuries

The selling of US treasuries has been wildly popular and widely reported. China has been a seller for 3 months now. Japan has flipped to selling in August, now having the lowest amount since 2011. It should be of no surprise that Russia finally has no US treasuries, having sold off their remaining holdings as of August. Russia chooses to invest in gold instead. They are not alone, many countries are. Including most recently Poland and Hungry. Hungry has increased their domestic gold reserves ten-fold, to 31.5 tonnes in just the two weeks starting October 2018!…Read More

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Russian Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency May Be Used For Weapons Sales

Russian lawmaker Vladimir Gutenev, in an interview with the country’s Tass news agency suggested Russia should use gold-backed cryptocurrencies for collecting money from its export of weapons. The lawmaker said Russia should “consider the possibility of conducting transactions in cryptocurrencies that are linked to the value of gold.” Such a move could allow Russia to sidestep attempts by the U.S., whose sanctions prevent or limit the trade of Russian arms and various other goods. With regard to conducting transactions in cryptocurrencies with specific countries, Gutenev mentioned: “And I’m sure that this will be a very…Read More

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Russia Gold Vault

Soundest Fiat Currency in the World Right Now

Article taken from SilverDoctors We keep hearing the terms “global reset”, ‘monetary reset”, and “financial reset”, but resetting what to what, and how would that look? First, why would there be a reset? Resets happen quite regularly for reasons such as hyperinflation, default on debt, break-down of the system, and loss of confidence, etc. The last reset was in 1971 when Nixon closed the gold window. Prior to that, it was the Bretton Woods Agreement that came out of WWII. And now, we’re close to the point of the next reset. The way that a nation conducts a reset,…Read More

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