Gold-Backed Blockchains

Royal Mint Gold (RMG)

Each RMG represents direct ownership of physical gold bullion stored within The Royal Mint vault. 1 RMG represents ownership of 1g of real gold. RMG has no ongoing storage or management fees, which means you keep the full value of your asset. Investors will be able to trade RMG with real-time pricing 24/7, 365 days a year, in the secondary market.  You are able to send and receive RMG to anyone using a BitGo RMG Wallet.

Digix (DGX / DGD)

DGX is a gold-backed token ran on the Etherum network. Each token represents 1 gram of gold from LBMA certified refiners. Gold is stored in The Safehouse vault and redemption must be made in Singapore. DGD on the other hand, a governance token, is not backed by gold. Active participation in proposals grants DGD holders with points redeemable for quarterly rewards. DGD pledging involves approving or rejecting said proposals.

OneGram (OGC)

OneGram is the first cryptocurrency that has been certified in compliance with the ancient Islamic rules called Shari'ah. Each OneGram coin is backed by at least one gram of physical gold. Using a 70% portion of every 1% transaction fee, more gold is purchased for the backup reserve of OneGram itself, making each coin more valuable over time. OneGram operates its own wallet and exchange.

KaratCoin (KCG/KCD)

KaratCoin has little to offer other than promises. KCG will represent 1g of gold, but doesn't seem to be of focus. Instead, KaratCoin is trying to create a platform linked to gold mines. KCD, an ERC-20 in ICO stages, stated to be a DAO, expects users will vote on which gold mines to invest in. Only a fraction of funds raised are set to be invested however. It is expected once the mines produce, the revenue will be distributed to KCD holders.


Kinesis (KVT/KAU/KAG)

KVT, an ERC20 token, will receive a 20% proportional share of the transaction fees from the Kinesis Monetary System. The system will comprise of KAU and KAG tokens, each backed by gold or silver respectfully. Like most projects, KAU and KAG have yet to be issued, instead raising money though an ICO. Once operational, Kinesis expects to manage their own eWallet platform and issue debit cards for real-world purchases.

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