sady179 thief and bold faced liar

Player sady179 contacted me a few days back, an attempt to befriend me. I had some of my own drama happening at the time. I was complaining about a few things when he reached out. I was protesting another players profile which said “pvp is stupid and poorly made”. I reported the profile for being critical of the game, casting it in a bad light. I guess it was overlooked because his profile remained. I made a 2nd fussy report on the next day. I threatened that if this profile didn’t get deleted, and mine did, that HCS should ban me forever instead of 1 day.

I’ll admit, that was very cocky of me to say, and I halfway expected to be banned forever for saying that. Luckily I wasn’t banned forever, I was only banned for another single day.

Anyways, sady179 knew all of the above. He was being compassionate, understanding me, and agreeing with what I had to say. He tried his best to befriend me, and made himself seem trustworthy. It seemed that he really liked me, and wanted to be friends.

He asked how much fsp I had, and that I should let him hold it in case I did get banned forever – that it would be a shame to go to waste. I was very reluctant, and didn’t do it right away. Instead he kept talking. I felt like I could trust this guy, and me letting him hold this 256fsp might be the start to a new friendship that I could trust with a whole lot of other stuff in game. Furthermore, I too would rather see this fsp go to a player than get lost forever. I knew there were risks, and almost no reward on my end. But at least if I got banned I would feel good about helping someone out.

I ultimately sent him my fsp to hold, and he assured me that it would be fine. We agreed that if I didn’t come back in a month that he could spend it however he liked.

I came back the next day and he had informed me that he spent it all on max stam, because he didn’t want to hunt and was going to overflow. He assured me that he would pay me soon, but hated buying fsp without a sale. Of course I said yea, wait for a sale. Last thing I wanted was to give him an excuse to go of the rails, saying I am forcing him to buy fsp to repay me. That brings us to today…

There is a max stam flash sale. We talked again, and he informed me that he would be buying more fsp today. He said that I could expect my fsp in 8 hours when he got home. 10 hours passed, I looked at his profile, and his max had increased 3,000 higher. Now I messaged him, asking yet again if he would pay and he told me a bold faced lie:

06:51 23/May/2018
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sady179 says: 06:50 23/May/2018 You sent zzng 256 FallenSword Points I sent them to you?

This is a fake paste by him. You can just tell by his speech, with the “?”, that he is lying.  But here’s the kicker: he typed my name wrong! he typed it zzng, with a ‘g’, my username is zznq, with a ‘q’.

I confronted him about this, calling him a liar basically when he responded with:

06:57 23/May/2018
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sady179 says: I do not appreciate you trying to get more fsp back than I borrowed, I thought we had a agreement. Now you\’re trying to play the guilt card. We can still be friends if you would be honest. I\’m Sorry if you do not feel as if i sent them back. But my fsp went down when I sent them.
07:08 23/May/2018
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sady179 says: i copied and pasted from what my log said when i sent them dude, I had 268 FSP and now I have 12. I dont know what to tell you dude.

Okay, now I’m mad! We had more exchange shown below. I won’t post my sent messages because they are not necessary. I also include a screenshot of his profile where he brags about stealing fsp for fun. (read from bottom up)

sady179 bold face lying to me:

He is such a terrible liar! Unbelievable. I could post just this log without any commentary and it would speak for itself.

Bragging about stealing from players for fun in his profile:

Rather funny how he writes that he won’t steal from friends.  Ironically enough, he presented himself as a ‘good friend’ with me, until he stole from me. I guess good friends come and go depending on his greedy desire for fsp. I wouldn’t be good friends with this guy if I were you.

My log showing no fsp sent as his “copy paste” suggests:

Look at the timestamps. He said 6:50 sent, so the fsp should be 1 minute below his claim.

Of course there’s no fsp in my log. zzng doesn’t even exist in game. Sending me (and all his friends) fake copy+paste of his log. wow, who is he trying to fool?

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